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This course is a foundation program based on Ameer Dagha's experience as a YouTuber - uploading videos on his tech channel ReviewsPK - and it will take you through all the different concepts of video production in the context of being a one-person production team. This course will take you through all the necessary components of producing videos as a solo content creator. The course is divided into 20 short and easy-to-digest classes and it is designed for beginner to intermediate-level video producers!

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Introduction to the course, mindset elements and production equipment.

  • Introduction to the Course 2min 44sec
  • Mindset of a Content Creator 7min 38sec

This is where we talk about the gear you will need and important questions you will need to ask yourself before you design your production workflow.

  • Video Production Equipment 7min 20sec
  • Video Production Workflow and Important Questions 6min 40sec

All about cameras!

  • Intro To Cameras 5min 22sec
  • Exposure 6min 16sec
  • White Balance 3min 48sec
  • Focus 5min 4sec
  • Picture Profiles 5min 2sec
  • Lenses and Filters 8min 14sec
  • Intro to Microphones 6min 50sec
  • Lighting Your Videos 4min 36sec

Pointers on how to record yourself in video!

  • Recording Yourself in Video 4min 12sec
  • Recording and Processing Audio 4min 15sec
  • The Basics of B-Roll 3min 14sec

Editing software, tips, color correction basics and publishing

  • Video Editing Softwares 4min 54sec
  • Video Editing Tips 4min 29sec
  • Color Correction 5min 48sec
  • Rendering and Publishing 2min 49sec
  • End Note 3min 34sec
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About Expert

Ameer Dagha

Tech YouTuber @ ReviewsPK

Tech YouTuber with a passion for high-quality video production.


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  • Video Content Creator
  • Video Producer
  • Digital Video Creator

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No. But it will give you all the basics you need to know to produce videos for social media platforms.


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24 enrolled on this course